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Braided Clutch Lines (image)

Direct bolt in braided clutch lines from EAG Products replace factory runs of soft plastic or rubber that expand under pressure.  Our braided clutch lines improve pedal feel and provide a more consistent hydraulic flow to the clutch slave cylinder.  Make for top quality components and professionally package (available in 'bagged' versions for volume customers).  More information...

Clutch Kits (image)

Engineered clutch kits for sportsman or racing.  Our kits are track and strip proven to hold power.  Stock style pedal pressure for low bearing wear and maximum drivability.  More information...

Braided Fuel Lines 

Fuel filter to Fuel Rail braided lines and kits.  We use high quality, braided line, safe for fuel delivery.  Uses standard -AN fittings.   More information...

Boost/Vacuum Distribution Manifolds 

Reduce boost/vacuum leaks and ensure a more consistent pressure flow to all boost/vacuum dependant systems of your car.  Made from Stainless Steel and available in multiple finishes.  Customizable ports with standard NPT to hose fittings.   Coming Soon!








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2003+ Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Braided Clutch Line

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